Thadd Turner

Award winning producer, director, and screenwriter, Thadd won the 2010 Western Heritage Wrangler Award for the History Channel's series "Cowboys and Outlaws", he won the 2007 Western Heritage Wrangler Award for "Truce", and won the 2006 Spur Award from the Western Writers of America for his original screenplay "Miracle at Sage Creek". Thadd's non-fiction book "Wild Bill Hickok: Deadwood City - End of Trail" was released in June 2001. Thadd has directed feature films "East of Yuma", "2 Years of Love", "Rodeo & Juliet", "Kids in The Yard", and Clay Walker's Top Ten music video "Jesse James". He is the husband of producer Cynthia. L. Turner and father of writer-producer Wyatt Turner.