Xenia Leblanc

Xenia is an actress, comedian and filmmaker. After graduation from Queen Mary University of London with a BA Degree in Film Studies, she moved to Los Angeles to begin intensive acting training at Playhouse West School and Repertory Theatre. Her big break came when she landed the role of Young "Red" on the critically acclaimed Netflix original series "Orange Is The New Black", followed by an opportunity to work on the WB blockbuster Justice League. She is currently based in Los Angeles and can speak fluent English, Russian, and French.

In addition to acting, Xenia has had numerous opportunities to work on the production side of filmmaking, including script-supervising the first Russian/American 3D film. Being an active member of the Elizabeth Banks's WHOHAHA platform, Xenia constantly writes, edits and produces independent films and sketches. Some of those appeared at the NYC Independent Film Festival as well as won an award at the MyRodeReel Film Competition .