Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm to Make America Sane Again

Jak sie masz! Borat Sagdiyev, everyone’s favorite gray-suited, misogynistic, antisemitic, mustachioed, Kazakhi journalist is back! Well, maybe not everyone’s favorite. Once again, Sascha Baron Cohen manages to simultaneously entertain as well as offend in this new iteration of his perhaps most controversial alter ego. And yet, for all his comedic dare-devil antics, it is Maria Bakalova, the 24-year old Bulgarian actress who plays daughter Tutar, who ultimately steals the fakumentary/political satire/road movie/coming of age story/freak show.

posted 7 months ago

The Social Dilemma

Social Media has changed how our world works, but has it gone too far? This documentary explores this question.

posted 9 months ago
BLOW UP THE CONVERSATION: Better living through surveillance and the nature of reality

A lot has been said about the parallels between The Conversation and our current concerns with the surveillance state, data protection and the struggle to safeguard our privacy and remain anonymous. At its core, however, I think the film deals with an even more profoundly philosophical question which seems more relevant than ever: that of our relationship to reality, both assisted and encumbered by technology.

posted 10 months ago
One a Week: TAMPOPO

On its bubbling, brothy surface, Tampopo is a narrative comedy with interstitial vignettes, all of which revolves around food— how it’s prepared and consumed; created and enjoyed; how it relates to life and death, bliss and pain, love and sex. Weird sex.

posted 12 months ago
Devs: The Ripple of a Ripple

Devs is what the future of sci-fi needs to be: geeky, chaotic, mind-bending, and fucked up.

posted about 1 year ago
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