One might say that every dictatorship is unique. After all, the reasons that give birth to one are different in each country. However, and as paradoxical as it sounds, most of the time the opposite is also true. Every dictatorship is practically the same as all the others.

posted 4 days ago

Rudo y Cursi

The typical story of a soccer player discovered by chance, rising to the top, and then falling into disgrace, sounds more like a tragedy than a comedy. However, Rudo y Cursi manages to use this formula to build one fun-watching movie that will keep you laughing.

posted 10 days ago
Bo Burnham's Inside: The Content's Content

In his new comedy special, Burnham turns himself inside-out during lockdown.

posted 17 days ago

Whisky is probably one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. What is it about? I’m not exactly sure, but like most stories out there, it seems to be about love, just not in the traditional love story format.

posted 24 days ago
The Official Story

The Argentinian dictatorship has some dark episodes that many people don't know. The Official Story is one of many movies that deal with some of these horrendous crimes.

posted about 1 month ago
Q: Into The Storm

By now, it is probably a commonly accepted fact that the Internet is a pretty mysterious place. You don’t even have to go into the corners of the Dark Web. Social interactions on traditional social media sites are something we don’t understand, and they can get weird soon.

posted about 1 month ago
WeWork: When Business Meets Fanaticism

The WeWork documentary depicts a sad reality: many people are looking for something to give meaning to their lives, and they are willing to leave everything aside for it.

posted about 2 months ago
No: The Movie is the Message

As a Latin American, I sometimes feel there isn’t a really strong narrative around the politics of the region when it comes to art. In particular, I feel this is most strongly seen in the case of films. With such a rich regional history, It sometimes seems to me that there’s not enough material to watch.

posted about 2 months ago
The Oscars 2021

It’s the Oscars 2021! Live, from god-knows-where. But, hey! It ain’t all that bad.

posted 2 months ago
The Trial of the Chicago 7

If you like legal drama, please do yourself a favor and watch The Trial of the Chicago 7.

posted 2 months ago
Top Ten Animation Films of 2020

Despite the world almost coming to an end— last year still delivered quite the interesting variety of animated features.

posted 2 months ago
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